Secrets Of Child Actors Everywhere

Are you an aspiring actor between the ages of 12 and 17?

Perhaps you have a child that would like to be a child actor or a teen actor?

Well, there are somethings that you need to know about the acting industry, especially when it comes to child and teen actors.

Only a minority of child and teen actors become rich and famous celebrities…

So you want to be the next Miranda Cosgrove, Miley Cyrus (Back when she was Hanna Montana), or Nathan Kress?

I don’t want to break your spirits, but there is a ton of competition for Nickelodeon casting calls

That’s not to say you won’t land a role, it’s just an understanding you should have when you apply for and attend these auditions. Also keep in mind that it’s not always about your acting ability, but sometimes the director just has a certain look that they are seeking and no matter how awesome you are, you just don’t fit the script.

No problem, get back on your feet, dust your shoulders off, and keep auditioning.


Only a small percentage of those successful celebrities go on to continuously work in the industry throughout their acting careers…

Something else to consider is that some actors and actresses are what we call “One Hit Wonders”. So you should never bet your bottom dollar on always working in the entertainment industry. It’s great to have drive, passion, and want to take over Hollywood, but you should always consider your education as the highest priority possible. Hey, let’s be realistic, you never know when the directors, producers, and agents will stop ringing your phone.


It’s a lot easier to be a working child and teen actor than you think…

So I just got done talking about how competitive the world of acting is and how school comes first, right? Sure, but what I’m referring to is the glitsy glamorous Hollywood type of acting that most kids and teens think of.

Realistically, there are a lot of smaller roles and acting opportunities for kids and teens that can eventually lead to something bigger, but even if they don’t they make for a great after school hobby to keep kids out of trouble, they usually pay much more than your child would earn waiting tables, and they are plentiful. Think of all the movies you have seen, all of the plays you hear about, all of the commercials on TV. Now think about how many kids star in those plays, how many children you see with small roles or even as an extra. Those kids aren’t famous but they are usually earning some decent cash, having a great time, and walking away with some cool stories to tell their friends.

So the take-away here is this:

  • Start off with the expectation of not getting rich and famous, but instead to do something you enjoy (acting… you should enjoy acting if you are considering this career)
  • Always keep school as a priority. Remember, if you want the things on the high shelves in life, you need to stand on the books you read to reach them.
  • Remember to be a kid, don’t work too hard.
  • Save the money you do make for acting and put it towards something useful like a college fund, or maybe stash it away for your wedding or a down payment on a first house. Don’t blow it on electronics!
  • Work hard, gain some experience and knowledge of the industry, and give 110% at every audition you attend. Who knows, you could become famous. I bet iCarly didn’t think she’d be where she is today.