Audition scam baiting tips

There are 10 scam baiting process are available in One source talent scam Baiting Technique.

  1. Maryam Abacha Letters
  2. To Catch a Con Man
  3. Painted Breast
  4. Carve This
  5. Handwritten Harry
  6. Skeleton Coast
  7. Mikel Bolton Loan Scam
  8. Mark of Respect
  9. Gold Scam
  10. Anus Laptops

One Source Talent prepared for the ugliness of scam baiting technic.  Audition Scammers will say hateful, racist and profane things to you when they discover you have been baiting them. You will likely receive several death threats too. Some of the things these criminals say are creepier then a psychotic clown’s laugh. So you need to have a reasonably thick skin to be a baiter. If you are a sensitive person who is easily intimidated – scam baiting might not be for you.